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“Creativity is always original, but originality is not always creative”

Creativity is a process of exploration and in the practice of Architecture this process is our primary focus to the pursuit of discovering the essence of the project. We search for concept to unify the direction of the project design in a meaningful and recognizable manner to the user and the community that is located within.

We think of concept a side or several interrelated ideas which become the basis, or the platform for our design. Our response to these ideas is based on site analysis, program (client brief) of functional requirements, sense of place, culture, society, technology, materials, methods, emotions, memory of past experiences and current external forces. Conceptual ideas precede the architectural form, in this way the idea is the form generator.

Conceptual ideas are allowed to evolve throughout the design process so it does not become a rigid dogma to the detriment of the final project outcome.

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George Petkoski

Principal / Founder

George Petkoski, the founder of Concept Development International (CDi) studio is sought after professional with more than 30 years of architectural practice in the creative process of designing buildings, master planning large and small communities, and urban design world wide. (USA, Aasia, Africa and Europe).

He directs a team of architects and designers, CG illustrators and renderers in all preparations of conceptual studies, master planning and programming thus providing developmental direction in terms of its commercial use, potential, site utilization for maximum benefit to all users and stake holders.

George is public speaker and panel member on topics regarding architecture, urban master planning and design on international level, sought after by clients to further explain and communicate to stakeholders the significance of the proposed projects.

He brings creative force to any project that we are involved, with contemporary ideas, sustainable and technological considerations. His career over the last three decades encompasses architecture, master planning and urban design on large scale mix-use projects, high rise buildings, office, hospitality and resort hotel designs, commercial, retail, residential and interior projects.

His strength as founder of CDi is built upon storied background including 16 years as principal of his own architectural firm in Detroit, as Director of Design and Architecture for renowned firm as Yamasaki Architects , Michigan and Summerstone international in Beijing , China.

His skill and experience is valued by previous clients and employers that continue to seek his visionary approach to creating memorable architecture.