Concept Development | Creative Process
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Conceptual Development

We start with a question of “what is the meaningful essence for the design and expression of this project”? and how can this essence inform and tell a story when realized. We analyze the client brief, which in this case was clear in their desire for the tower to be iconic and recognizable as landmark for the region and its site. The location of the site is in southwest part of USA, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The images of the desert rattlesnake and the Indian tepee perfectly symbolizes the southwest environment. We use these images as visual clues to creating super high-rise building of 650m height. The complex programming for the mix-use of the structure along with conceptual understanding of the structure was quickly derived with simple geometric sketch in plan and initial study of the form.

This initial process of conceptualization and hand sketches took less then few hours, then we moved to creating additional sketches that explain the design for our 3D team to proceed in developing 3D model of the structure, fallowing with renderings that fully illustrate the concept for the building.
This process is always present in developing concept for all the project that we undertake….tell a meaningful story that recognizes its site location and informs and tells this story for its users. This is one sample illustrating our process for conceptual development.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.